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Open Box Review of Hornady Tripoint Gun Safe [VIDEO]

Hornady designs a sturdy, yet affordable, gun safe option that is ideal for concealed carry holders. Watch this open box review!

One of the biggest priorities when owning a handgun is making sure that it is properly secured at all times. When your weapon is neither holstered nor needed, the best place for it is in a gun safe that is easily accessible.

New gun safes with fancy finger print keypads, internal alarms, and GPS tracking are really great products, but are not always the practical option in terms of price. Hornady has designed the TriPoint Gun Safe that is both sturdy and affordable.

Watch this open box review of the Hornady TriPoint Lock Box:

On Amazon, the Hornady TriPoint Gun Safe has a five-star rating from users and is described as a sturdy and reliable portable gun safe.

According to the Hornady website, the TriPoint Lock Box exceeds ASTM standards for child resistance and protection from unauthorized access as well as meets the TSA requirements for handgun security in luggage.

Overall, it seems that the main complaint is that the security cable does not connect to the safe from both sides. The reviewer in this video recommends that one could potentially drill an additional hole in the side of the safe if they wanted to mount it.

The best part is that you can get it for under $50.

MSRP is $40.00 but it is listed on Amazon for $25.99.

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Open Box Review of Hornady Tripoint Gun Safe [VIDEO]