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Oops! Another Dick Cheney Hunting Accident

When is Dick Cheney going to give up hunting?

The former vice president can't seem to get the hint that this sport might not be his thing. Of course there was this infamous Dick Cheney hunting accident back in 2006, but this past Saturday, Cheney experienced yet another mishap (luckily, no one got hurt this time) while competing with the Wyoming team in the annual One Shot Antelope Hunt. First held in 1940, the spirited competition requires superior skill and accuracy, with the catch being that each team member harvests each trophy with a single shot. The team that makes the most kills wins. Sounds simple enough. So what happened?

Cheney's firearm simply didn't work. While participating in the event, Cheney's firearm experienced a gun malfunction, and as a result, he wasn't able to harvest an antelope. His other two team members, including Governor Matt Mead, achieved their harvests but without Cheney's contributions, there was no hope. His Wyoming team lost the competition as a result, leaving the team fielded by manufacturer Remington as the default winner.

"I don't take it personally; I'm sure there was a small problem with the manufacturer," Cheney told the other hunters at the competition's victory banquet.

Mead, the Wyoming team captain, backed Cheney up, saying, "The Vice President is an excellent shot. He had a gun malfunction. But I think he is excited and enjoyed this so much."

Meanwhile, Cheney remained a good sport about the competition's results.

"I will be back next year and I have enjoyed  it, it's been fantastic. It's great to spend so much time with some fine folks," he said.

We guess the former Vice President isn't giving up anytime soon. We'll keep our eyes peeled until his next mishap.

[two_fifth_last]Photo via The Moderate Voice

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Oops! Another Dick Cheney Hunting Accident