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Ontario Moose Hunters Not Happy About New Rules


New regulations on moose hunts in northern Ontario may cause more harm than good, argue hunters. 

Northern Ontario moose hunters will see changes coming as soon as this coming 2015 hunting season to their regular calf hunts. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has detected a decline in moose populations and does not intend on waiting around to make alterations to the season.

As of now, calf season starts at the beginning of September and can last anywhere from mid-November or the middle of December. The new rules would prohibit calf hunting save for two weeks in October and next season, delay the hunt for one week.

Mark Ryckman from Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters says this could cause complications. Taking what normally can last up to a 13-week hunt and diminishing it to a two-week hunt could cause conflicts with people vying for hunts, land, time, and cause an overall bad hunting experience.

The OFAH is requesting the new changes be brought on slowly, beginning with a four-week hunt instead of two and then seeing if that decreased amount of hunting time will show any changes in population.

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Ontario Moose Hunters Not Happy About New Rules