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Onondaga County’s Fishing Website, Large and in Charge

Onondaga County’s fishing website is active and aims to provide a wealth of information for anglers around Syracuse. 

Onondaga county’s fishing website was given a budget of $35,000 to provide anglers with a catch-all of information regarding fishing and all fishing related actives near Syracuse.TS-CalmFish-Email

The site features maps of state parks, upcoming fishing event details, general advice about fishing, and everything else one would need to know before making a trip to Onondaga County to fish.

The website will be interactive, allowing fisherman to submit photographs and information regarding their fishing experiences. This data will be posted to Onondaga county’s fishing based on the discretion of the park staff.

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County officials feel fishing is often undervalued and hope the website will bring this important state commodity the attention it deserves.

Log in and fish on, Onondaga Country.

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Onondaga County’s Fishing Website, Large and in Charge