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Meet the Mantis Shrimp, Speed Demon of the Great Blue Sea [VIDEO]

The animal that can strike 90 times in a single blink of the eye with a punch so powerful, it boils the water molecules around it. 

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts have revealed that mantis shrimp are some of the fastest-moving animals on the planet. Biologist Sheila Petek has been conducting research on the animal and has revealed some interesting findings.

Take a look at some high-speed video and watch their intense quickness in action.

The mantis shrimp is about the size of a stick of butter, but it can generate over 300 pounds of force. They generate over 10,000 Gs while accelerating, and a space shuttle only produces around three Gs. The water molecules around them actually boil during this kind of fierce movement.

Before this video, I had no clue that mantis shrimp possessed that level of speed or force. Although the shrimp is a featherweight, it can attacks animals at a much larger size. It’s been known to even take down crabs.

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Meet the Mantis Shrimp, Speed Demon of the Great Blue Sea [VIDEO]