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Over One-Third of North American Migratory Birds in Extinction Danger

Flickr/Larry Johnson

A new article from Scientific American reveals research that places over one-third of North American migratory birds in danger of extinction, especially ocean and tropical birds.

The study was compiled by the North American Bird Conservation Initiative and released to Scientific American. It is the “first of its kind to look at the vulnerability of bird populations in Canada, the United States and Mexico.” The research clearly states that 37 percent of 1,154 species on the continent needs immediate conservation action to guarantee survival.

The North American Bird Conservation Initiative is a tri-nation organization that was created in 1999 to monitor the migratory patterns and populations of the continent’s species. The report states that “the outlook for oceanic birds…is the bleakest of any North American bird group.” This is due in large part to habitat destruction, which includes invasive predators, overfishing, and pollution.

The report believes that the best way to combat this rapid decline will be to specifically focus on removing predators and expanding protected marine areas, including special anti-littering missions to remove pollution from the sea.

The special watch list for these migratory birds already holds multiple oceans and tropical forests species based on declining populations from habitat threats.

As conservationists, we can do our part by making sure we leave every fishing spot the way it was before we were there: free of fishing line, trash, and the like.



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Over One-Third of North American Migratory Birds in Extinction Danger