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One Ounce Lead for Edwin Evers After 2014 Bassmaster Classic Day 2

The Bassmaster Classic Day 2 excitement resulted in a one-ounce lead for Edwin Evers.

Edwin Evers tallied 20 pounds, nine ounces on Saturday, bringing his leading total for two days to 47-6. Tharp, yesterday’s leader after Day 1, brought in 19-13 worth of bass on Saturday evening, putting him one single ounce behind Evers. The Bassmaster Classic holds its final day on competition Sunday, February 23 on Lake Guntersville in Birmingham, Alabama.

Tharp had mechanical trouble Saturday that left him helpless for an hour and 45 minutes, but he recovered to stay in second.

Ever told “There’s a lot of anglers in this yet who can catch them. Thirty-pound bags are possible.”

Evers, who’s from Talala, Okla., now holds the tight lead over Randall Tharp, the Day 1 front runner, producing what could be a two-man race on Day 3 to the final championship spot.

However, lots of movement amongst the anglers below Evers and Tharp proves that anything can happen. For example, the fifth place bass fisherman, Paul Mueller of Naugatuck, Conn. brought in a one-day record for a 5 bass Classic weigh-in totaling 32-3, and bouncing him into the top 5.

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The field has now been cut to 25, with the weight of 34-2 serving as the cutline.

Some highlights from Day 2, besides a record 5-bass Classic catch, included: a remote-controlled drone with a camera crashing into the lake near Tharp’s boat; a 7-pound, 12-ounce bass caught by Evers with a single crankbait hook in its tail; and Kevin VanDam, a favorite for the Bassmaster Classic this year, fell one ounce short of the cut and will not fish Sunday.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of Bassmaster’s fantastic live coverage, including the BassTrakk interactive maps, the up-to-the-minute blog and the live weigh-ins.

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One Ounce Lead for Edwin Evers After 2014 Bassmaster Classic Day 2