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One of the World's Top Archers Does It with No Hands


Matt Stutzman, an armless archer from the Midwest is the 11th-best archer in the world, and he has no arms.

Matt Stutzman is one of the world's top archers and holds the world record for longest accurate shot in archery. He was born in Kansas City, Kansas, and currently lives in Fairfield, Iowa. Stutzman was born without arms, but learned to do everything one might normally do with their arms, with his feet.

He appears in the 2013 documentary film My Way to Olympia, produced and directed by Niko von Glasow, which follows disabled athletes preparing to compete at the London 2012 Paralympics.

Matt's birth parents put him up for adoption when he was four months old. In late January of 1983, the Leon Stutzman family of Kalona, Iowa brought 13-month-old Matthew home for adoption. Today, he is married and has three sons: Carter, Cameron and Alex.

He's achieved many things that those with full use of their arms haven't, and does what many with full use of their arms can't. A true inspiration in the world of archery and the outdoors, Stutzman is a reminder that we can do more than others might think we are capable of if we truly believe in ourselves.

"My goal is to be the best archer in the world," says Stutzman.

This video shows his determination and skill, as well as his ambition to become the best. You can also follow his progress on his website.


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One of the World's Top Archers Does It with No Hands