This Buck Has an Extra Antler Growing From Its Skull Plate

This is one of the most unique bucks you’ll ever see.

As whitetail hunters, just about anything deer-related fascinates us. But one of the coolest things about whitetail bucks is how unique each one is. Whether is has a white rack, a dark rack, a chocolate rack, a wide rack, a tight rack, kickers, flyers, drop tines, palmation, a thick mass or crab claws, each whitetail buck features special characteristics.

This buck, though, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and I’m willing to bet you’ll say the same.

Many bucks might have an extra main beam growing from one antler or from the base of the other, but rarely will they have a whole extra antler. Looking somewhat like a unicorn, this buck has a pretty substantial tine emerging right in the middle of the his left and right antlers.

Whitetail Mania
Whitetail Mania

It would be interesting to see how you would score this deer on the width measurements and what not. Another thought that comes to mind is shed hunting. If you didn’t know this buck was in the area and you walked up on the middle tine during shed season, you’d just think you found a really mature cull buck with a spike of a rack. You’d never guess where it actually came from!

Congrats to this young man on harvesting this deer, we’re sure it will make for a special mount. What a special deer!


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