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One of Kind Bowfishing with an Arrow Air Gun

Last Breath TV
Last Breath TV

Invasive Asian Carp don't stand a chance against arrow air guns. 

Asian Carp have been a nightmare for river ecosystems, but the thick invasive species has allowed for fisherman to be creative and do their part to decrease the population.

We've seen folks ski with nets, boaters use shotguns, and now we've officially seen bowfishing air guns.

Check out these folks use one of the coolest methods to shoot carp all in super slow motion.

This might be the first video of 'carp hunters' using this method and it feels like a must try method. One common complaint of bowfishing for Asian Carp is fatigue while holding back the bow. With an arrow air gun, you'll get to pack a punch to the fish with just a pull of the trigger.

Last Breath TV might be way ahead of the curve using bowfishing air guns.

Would you use an airgun to shoot flying asian carp?


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One of Kind Bowfishing with an Arrow Air Gun