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One Man’s Labor of Love for Duck Hunting [VIDEO]

Kansas sportsman Jim Guffey gives  an account of his lifelong love of duck hunting in this touching short film.

Smoke and Feathers features award-winning cinematography of the Kansas outdoors, where Guffey lives and hunts.

The viewer is then gradually introduced to Guffey’s journey from hunter to eventual conservationist, ecologist, and father.

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Guffey said he first got hooked on duck hunting when he was 14, gaining an initial respect for the beauty and grace of ducks and teal. Guffey’s labor of love for his sport has been a wetland he created himself on unproductive farmland. “What it’s produced instead of corn and soybeans has been priceless,” he says of his plot.

On this land Guffey has continued the tradition of hunting with his son, who shares his father’s passion. “I would venture to say that more good times have been had sitting next to that kid…than any other thing we’ve done together,” he says

To add an extra challenge to his sport, Guffey hunts with a muzzleloader. “If I get two or three ducks with a muzzleloader, it’s every bit or more fun than limiting out with an automatic shotgun,” Guffey says, comparing the experience to driving a classic car.

Ultimately, the film portrays Guffey as not just as an accomplished sportsman, but as an important role model for leaving a better world for our children.

As Rockhouse puts it, “This piece hopefully transcends the outdoor space and serves as a reminder to us all the power we have to leave a positive legacy for ourselves, our family, and the world around us.”

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One Man’s Labor of Love for Duck Hunting [VIDEO]