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One Last Spot for Hot Texas Summer Fishing

Texas summer fishing is still stretching into August.

Would you be surprised to hear that all these hot temperatures are yielding amazing fishing?

Water temperatures have been in the 80s, and with the calm weather conditions, fishing has been incredible in places such as Galveston and the Kemah area. The bay waters have been more accessible this summer due to the calm weather. Channels are pulling in cooler waters from the gulf, which means more fish migration in these areas.

Several types of trout, redfish, shark, black drum and sheepshead can be found in cooler waters near reefs and under large structures.

Wondering where exactly all the luck is? The middle of the bay, with access from Eagle Point Marina in San Leon, will take you right into the action from now probably until the end of August.

Deep water patterns should remain constant for the rest of the summer. This is good news for those seeking game fish in deeper waters, and for kids who are looking for something awesome to do for the time remaining before school starts up again.

Anglers are having a lot of luck with top waters and  live bait such as shrimp and croaker.

More good news: you’re bound to catch quite a few reds if you play your cards right. Use shrimp now until September for some great catches.

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With all the fish biting this summer it’s important to get the kids out there and have them experience as much fishing as possible before the summer is over. It’s hot out there, but the fishing is even hotter.

Craig Lambert, a fishing guide in the Galveston area says, “As a guide the greatest thing to hear from kids is that they just had the greatest trip of their lives and I have been hearing that a lot here lately.”

So believe it from an experienced fishing guide: Texas bay waters are where you want to be for the month of August. 

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One Last Spot for Hot Texas Summer Fishing