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Here Is a One-Hour, $5 Homemade Slingshot Project [VIDEO]


If you have an extra $5 and an hour to kill, here is the perfect slingshot project for you.

Shooting a slingshot is almost a rite of passage for young hunters before they graduate to shooting guns. Ammo is free and unlimited and a slingshot is also still an effective hunting tool in the right hands.

Get a dose of nostalgia from your childhood by going back to your roots and completing this $5 slingshot project. It is a great way to pass a summer afternoon and should provide hours of entertainment once it is complete.

This project is also perfect if you have a kid interested in the outdoors and who likes to help out with projects.

After a little time in the garage or shop, you will be recalling your childhood in no time and having a heck of a fun time too.

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Here Is a One-Hour, $5 Homemade Slingshot Project [VIDEO]