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This is One Heck of a Buffalo Fight [VIDEO]

These two buffalo fight and won’t give up, even after one breaks a horn.

This video posted by Haakor shows two massive buffalo fighting for dominance. They push and wrestle to the point that one’s horn is broken, but that doesn’t stop them! With blood dripping during the fight, you’ll ask yourself ’til the end: which cape buffalo will win?

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He might have got hurt, but that didn’t stop him. This buffalo kept on going, even after half his horn was knocked off. The horns of Cape buffalo are fused at the base and form a solid bone plate over their skull. This is so thick, a rifle bullet won’t even penetrate it.

These buffalo were filmed in Aberdare Range in west central Kenya. Cape buffalo have never been domesticated and have aggessive, unpredictable behaviors. The are considered dangerous and are responsible for over 200 deaths a year.

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This is One Heck of a Buffalo Fight [VIDEO]