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Ever Seen a One-Handed Cocking Semi-Automatic Pistol Before?

one hand cocking pistol

A one-handed cocking semi-automatic pistol sounded good to its inventor, but was it a success?

The JoLoAr pistol was meant to be shot and cocked one-handed for mounted cavalry troops.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons tell us all about the very strange JoLoAr pistol. 

When a failing pistol design crossed paths with an inventor, a new weapon was born. Jose Lopez Arnaiz had the idea of mounting a lever on a pistol slide to allow cocking with one hand. The pistol chosen was the Sharpshooter made by Hijos de Calixto Arrizabalaga.

This .45 caliber JoLoAr pistol had a tip up barrel and a lever mounted on the slide. This simple blowback pistol allowed a shooter perhaps on horseback to cock and load the pistol with one hand. That could come in handy riding into battle at full gallop. 

With around 30,000 JoLoAr pistols made somewhere between 1920 and 1930, it was somewhat of a success. In modern times, it’s probably a little useless…


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Ever Seen a One-Handed Cocking Semi-Automatic Pistol Before?