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This is One Giant Alligator Snapping Turtle [VIDEO]

An alligator snapping turtle was found in a drainage ditch, leading to some great reactions from its discoverers.

In Baton Rouge, alligator snapping turtles are rather common. What’s not so common is one this huge.

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WAFB in Louisiana reported on the story, and caught up with the two gentlemen who found the thing, eventually freeing it from the drainage ditch and sticking it in a child’s pool.

No, not to play a trick on the little kid who wants to swim, but to keep it comfortable until they decide where to let it go.

Check out the video, and watch for the humorous way the two guys talk about their find.

That is indeed a big ol’ turtle, Travis. But c’mon, no turtle soup?

What would you do with a turtle that big? Would you get anywhere near it?

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This is One Giant Alligator Snapping Turtle [VIDEO]