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Here is One of the Best Sea Serpent Sightings That You Will Ever See [VIDEO]

Sea serpent sightings are a thing of lore among sailing men around the world. When they appear in the shallow waters of Florida, it's time to take notice.

The Sanibel Island area of Florida is the backdrop for one of the most exciting videos of a purported "sea serpent" that you will ever see.

A terrified man and his fiancée were fishing in a shallow bay area when they "saw what looked like a bus speeding through the water."

"All of the sudden, part of its body sprung out of the water and appeared to have something wrapped up. Then it was gone"

WARNING: Strong language used in the video.

So many times when good people have this kind of experience they tend to sit on it, worried that they might be vilified for trying to explain the unexplainable. These two people not only shared the experience, they're trying to get a reasonable answer from the best sources: "We are now having the video slowed down into individual photos by a marine life expert."

For people that have been living in Florida for most of their lives thinking that they've seen it all, this had to be a wakeup call. Sea serpent sightings are one of the most classic tales told by sea-men and fishermen since the sailing ship was invented. They are also one of the silliest forms of deception.

This certainly looks to be a real animal, whatever it is. It's big, it's moving fast and looks to be aggressive as well. This begs the question:

If you saw this, would you share it with the world?

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Here is One of the Best Sea Serpent Sightings That You Will Ever See [VIDEO]