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How Could One Arrow Punch at Least Five Holes in a Deer? [VIDEO]

Tim Kjellesvik/The Thinking Woodsman

Five holes in one deer on one shot isn’t normal, but it happened.

This doe walked within 20 yards of my deer stand on the first day of Missouri’s archery season. At 20 yards, I try to take heart shots in case the deer jumps the string. If it ducks I’ll hit lung, if not I’ll hit pump house.

This doe didn’t duck and the shot struck engine room. How many holes do you count?

The hotly-debated sixth hole is more of a laceration, but if you’re a wound purist, it would still count.

My shot was lower than intended, but high enough to still clip the heart. The deer’s front legs were in just the right position that the arrow passed through both and just behind the brisket, leaving at least five distinct holes in its hide.

The blood trail from this deer was impressive, but even more impressive was how far it went having lost so much blood. I tracked it for 150 yards, bumped it, then found it dead another 150 yards later. That was one tough doe and one holy hide!

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How Could One Arrow Punch at Least Five Holes in a Deer? [VIDEO]