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One Man, One Antelope. Yes, It’s Personal.

one antelope

A bowhunter spends time glassing pronghorn. He picks one, says, “That’s my antelope,” and chases that one antelope to the exclusion of all others.

Randy Newberg is on a New Mexico antelope hunt, and he wants a challenge. He spends a couple days spotting the animals, trying to find one buck to claim as his own. He chooses one antelope and spends the rest of his hunt chasing that single animal.

This may be one of the most challenging ways to bow hunt.

Newberg plans and undertakes a couple of good stalks in country where cover is a sparse commodity. But the antelope are wary and they sense something’s up.

At one point, he backs off, choosing to not push the animal and instead come back the next day. When he returns, he conducts a textbook stalk, but to no avail.

Interestingly, he finds a puppy during his hunt, starving and abandoned. In an act that many anti-hunters might find hard to understand, Newberg abandons his hunt and takes care of the dog. He brings it into the authorities, feeds and waters it. It’s a feel-good moment, that’s for sure, and one that makes you proud to be a hunter.

But once he’s back onto the antelope, he sets up yet another stalk, and because of a misjudgment in distance, he misses his shot. He almost gets another chance, but the pronghorns have seen enough. He ends his hunt without his ‘one antelope,’ but with a lot of great memories and the thrill of the hunt intact.

Newberg is philosophical. “Part of what I wanted out of this hunt… was to force myself to do the spot-and-stalk, saying ‘That’s the buck I want.’ Me and the camera guy are going to follow him for miles, up and down, through, around, hills, trees, whatever… and I want to try and kill it.”

“I’m completely comfortable that I didn’t fill my tag,” he says. “I want to tell a story. I want to try to convey to you my passion for pronghorn, my passion for this relationship I have with the animals that feed me.”

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One Man, One Antelope. Yes, It’s Personal.