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One of These 10 New Hunting Rifles Will Become Your New Go-To

This year rifle makers have ramped up your choices. These 10 rifles are our picks for .

10.  The Henry Original Rifle

The Henry Original Rifle. For those of us that prefer the historical rifles, this modern remake of the original Henry Rifle invented back in 1860 is chambered in the classic deer ready .44-40 cartridge. This rapid firing Civil War era rifle will be king in the thick cover as it was a century and a half ago. Asking price retail is $2300. That price may seem steep, but it is a well built, classic American rifle.

Henry Rifles

9.  Wild West Guns CoPilot Rifle

The Wild West Guns CoPilot Rifle. Originally handmade for the Alaskan bush pilots that had the need to pack light and pack heavy for emergencies, this powerful small package is a boom to anyone who needs a small packable powerhouse rifle. Whether on horseback, all terrain vehicle, or out of a backpack, this rifle will get the job done and be out of the way. At a starting price of around $2,500, accessories will add to that. Yes, it disassembles into two pieces.

Wild West Guns

8.  Savage Arms Model 11 Trophy Predator Hunter

Savage Arms makes a promising light rifle in Mossy Oak Brush Camo that would be perfect for the predator hunter. The Model 11 Trophy Predator Hunter can be purchased in four different caliber selections and is furnished with a 3-9x40 power Nikon scope. Retail price in $692 for this package rifle.

Savage Arms

7.  Kimber's Mountain Rifle

Kimber's Mountain Rifles are strong as they are lightweight. Stainless steel combined with Kevlar and carbon fiber make this rifle almost bomb proof. At 5 pounds and five ounces, it is said to be the lightest production bolt action rifle. Retail price is $2040.

Kimber America

6.  Ruger's American Rifle

Ruger's American Rifle is available in standard and compact sizes in blued steel. There is also all weather models in stainless steel. There are six models to choose from. Retail is listed at $489.


5. Savage Arms Axis 2 XP

Savage Arms Axis 2 XP is another fine rifle package. With the AccuTrigger and the Weaver KASPA scope, detachable box magazine and a retail price of $489, it is a great deal.

Savage Arms

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4. Smith and Wesson's M&P 10 Rifle

Smith and Wesson's M&P 10 Rifle in .308 is available in black or camouflage. This rifle is a quick shooting platform for those who prefer the AR type rifle configuration. A sure win for deer and wild boar. Retail price is $1619.

Smith and Wesson

3. Thompson Center's Venture Weather Shield

Thompson Center's Venture Weather Shield has an adjustable trigger and available in 16 calibers. The metal is coated with a weather shield coating. Retail is listed at $578.

Thompson Center

2. Weatherby Vanguard Series 2

Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 is a tough gun for retail of $749. This model is a special one for the female hunters.


1. Traditions Vortek StrikerFire

For our muzzleloader fans, Traditions' Vortek StrikerFire has no external hammer for quietness, a two pound trigger pull and chromoly barrel. This is quite the modern front loader! This package deal retails for $649.


There you have it, our pick of 10 new hunting rifles that may become your new go to. What is your favorite new rifle make? Comments? Post them below.

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One of These 10 New Hunting Rifles Will Become Your New Go-To