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On the Hunt for Carp on a Fly Rod? Watch This!

Ever wonder what it was like to hook into a monster carp? Watch this video on a massive carp caught on a fly rod!

Andrew Flair shows us how it's done in Ypsilanti, Michigan with James from Schultz Outfitters. Andrew starts off the day by  chasing small mouth bass on the Huron River. After landing a couple of smaller fish, James decides to switch up the action and start fishing for carp.

Fly fishing for carp is becoming more and more popular due to spread of word. These beautiful specimens are pure power! Some people refer to these creatures as the "poor man's bonefish', in reference to their ferocious runs. Andrew finds out just how hard these fish are to catch with a fly rod.

The hook set is probably the most antagonizing thing about carp. Sometimes they will bite with a ferocity and set the hook themselves. Other times they will give the fly the quaintest nibble. So soft, the only way you can tell is from the slight movement of the line. Some anglers will switch over to indicators, if the water is to murky to see the fish take the fly.

Another factor with carp is stealth. You must be fully aware of the noise and movement you are making when stalking these fish. I always try to wear light blue shirt and hats to blend in with the sky. When moving along the bank try and make very slow movements. I will sometimes cast from a kneeling position and it can mean the difference between catching a fish and complete rejection.

The fly patterns used normally imitate crawfish or small insects. Brown, olive, and orange are the go-to colors. The cast needs to be precise and gentle. Most anglers try to aim for a foot in front of the carp. As you can see in the video, it definitely takes practice!

Carp on the fly, seems to be the up and coming popular kid at school. With the abundance of fish and their ability to live in most water systems, it is interesting that it took this long for someone to realize how fun they are to catch. Watch the video and see James teach Andrew a couple tricks when fishing for carp!


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On the Hunt for Carp on a Fly Rod? Watch This!