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Olympian Busted for Bowhunting in Lexus Dealership Lot

A former Olympian busted for bowhunting now faces charges in Colorado.

Sometimes deer hunting takes you to strange places. A luxury car dealership parking lot shouldn’t be one of those places.

Dremiel D. Byers, 39, was charged with suspicion of hunting out of season and illegal possession of wildlife, says the Denver Post.

Police were alerted on Thursday, August 14 of a man trying to shoot a deer with a bow and arrow in the parking lot of a Lexus dealership, clearly off limits for hunting of any kind.

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With the help of wildlife officials from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, police were able to locate a wounded buck in the surrounding area. The injuries to the deer were so severe that it was euthanized.

Byers is a two-time Olympian and 10-time US National Champion Greco-Roman wrestler. He’s also a decorated member of the US Army sergeant first class stationed at Ft. Carson.


h/t Deadspin

Image via wikimedia

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Olympian Busted for Bowhunting in Lexus Dealership Lot