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Olive Ridley Turtle Trapped in Plastic Saved in Arabian Sea

An Olive Ridley turtle was saved from a slow death in plastic by a trained observer in the Arabian Sea.

According to the World Wildlife Fund an Olive Ridley turtle struggling off the coast of Karachi was saved by a trained wildlife observer named Amir Rahim.

Rahim was able to jump in and grab the entangled turtle and bring aboard the boat for an easy save by cutting it free of the plastic that would have surely killed it.

It was amazing how calm the turtle became and remained until the rescuers finished cutting it free. After that the little sea turtle was more than ready to be returned to the ocean!

Thanks to the WWF for sharing this great save of a threatened species! Olive Ridley turtles are native to the warmer waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans and are also known as Pacific Ridley turtles.

This great save of one sea creature shines a light on the bigger issue of using our shared oceans as a garbage dump. It's outstanding to see the men and women of the world put themselves in danger to help wildlife, but it's also the people of the world that put these creatures in danger by throwing our junk everywhere.


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Olive Ridley Turtle Trapped in Plastic Saved in Arabian Sea