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Oldest Surviving WWII Veteran Shows Off His Guns [VIDEO]

America’s oldest living WWII veteran celebrates his 109th birthday by showing off his gun collection.

Meet Richard Overton, who has just turned 109-years-old and is officially the oldest living World War II veteran in the United States.

Overton was visited by a camera crew from on May 11th and celebrated his birthday by showing off his collection of firearms.

“I recently had the honor of visiting with Richard at his home in Austin, Texas. Now, he credits his health and longevity to smoking cigars, drinking whiskey and being able to defend himself and his country with firearms,” reports.

Overton first shows off his A-5 Browning semi-automatic shotgun, and then moves onto his favorite pistol that he has kept in his sock drawer. He claims that that model was what the police used to use before switching over to automatics.

This proud Texan still drives his own car, manages his own lawn, and visits church every Sunday. During a television interview in March 2014, Overton told a reporter that the only medicine he needs to take is his Aspirin and his morning whiskey. Though a birthday celebration is held in his honor every year, this one was a little more special. Mighty Fine Burgers, Fries, and Shakes sponsored his “Mighty Fine at 109” birthday event. A day filled with whiskey, cigars, burgers, and guns is all that this guy could ever ask for.

Overton still lives in the house he built in Austin, TX after returning from the war. He recommends that you clean your guns every day and states that his only birthday wish it to have another good happy day.

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Oldest Surviving WWII Veteran Shows Off His Guns [VIDEO]