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Old School Craftsmanship: How Archery Equipment Used to Be Made

Here's a look at the way archery equipment was made at the Ben Pearson factory way back in 1947!

In 1947, Pine Bluff, Arkansas might have been smaller than it is now, but you could have found Ben Pearson working in his factory to make bows, arrows, and other archery equipment straight from scratch.

Nowadays, the same equipment is also "mass produced," but as this old school documentary shows, there was some serious craftsmanship at work back in the day.

This is a good throwback video to take a minute and watch that will remind us of how far archery has come and the innovation of the people that engineered the way it was done.

Bows trimmed by hand, and made from yew and orangewood? Hand painted cedar arrows with wood inlay? Vanes made from dyed natural turkey feathers and hand fletched? Yes please!

If someone was lucky enough to have an original set like this, in good condition, it would be worth a bundle not to mention a serious collector's item! The innovation of using a hot wire to trim the feathers is nothing short of genius.

Looking back, while knowing how it's done today, we might be a little jaded by the originality they used back in 1947. Hopefully with a nostalgic old piece of film like this we'll never forget how it all started.


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Old School Craftsmanship: How Archery Equipment Used to Be Made