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If Only Your Old Pickup Truck Could Do This [VIDEO]

This John-Deere-themed pickup truck would make quick work of any terrain.

They say that nothing runs like a Deere. Well, I think it is also safe to say that nothing runs like this John Deere off-road Chevy pickup truck.

The video starts out with the proud owner bragging about his newly souped-up ride and who could blame him? He built himself one badass looking machine to dominate the trails.

The powerful pickup truck featured in the video has a 555 Big Boost Cummins engine boasting 13:1 compression, a turbo 400 transmission and 2.5-ton Rockwell axles. The owner also opted for tractor tires…yep, you read that right, tractor tires.

Why go with boring old truck tires when you can slap on some 16.9×24 tractor tires instead?

While this may be the food plot tractor or hunting pickup truck of your dreams, there probably wouldn’t be a deer left in your entire woodlot once you got finished driving this beast around!

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If Only Your Old Pickup Truck Could Do This [VIDEO]