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My Old Man: Stories Celebrating Fatherhood from YETI

A new series of YETI videos highlights ‘My Old Man’ in an ode to dad.

With Father’s Day visible on the horizon, YETI has released ‘My Old Man,’ a brand new line of videos on their YouTube channel devoted to the love and respect our fathers have for us, and we have for our fathers. They’re almost always the ones who introduced us to the outdoors, tied a worm on our hook, helped zero in our first rifle, and are always there with a helping hand and encouraging word.

There’s something special about this series of videos, the preview of which you can see here.

“Our fathers set the path for us, the architecture of who we are,” claims JT Van Zandt, the oldest son of Townes Van Zandt. There aren’t many better ways to put it, are there?

Here’s the first episode, ‘Between Pulses,’ showcasing Shane Dorian and his son as they explore what it means to be a family of surfers, hunters, and adventurers.

We’ll share more of the videos, including one featuring Jordan Shipley and his dad Bob, as the calendar get closer to Father’s Day.

As we’ve now come to expect, YETI keeps producing and rolling out such fantastic video pieces, each one hitting the proverbial nail on the head with what it means to appreciate the outdoors, spend quality time with family members, and live in the Heartland.

Share this with your dad, because if he’s anything like mine, he’s going to dig this.



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My Old Man: Stories Celebrating Fatherhood from YETI