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Old Cowboy Takes Down Armed Robber With His Bare Hands

Armed Robber
YouTube:Active Self Protection

This old cowboy seizes the opportunity to take down an armed robber.

Imagine you are on a routine trip to a gas station or grocery store and while you are checking out, some idiot armed robber comes in and starts waving a handgun in you and the cashier's face. That is a scary thing to imagine right? Well, it happened to this old cowboy in Monterrey, Mexico who was just minding his own business when a man walks in hoping to rob the place.

The entire scene played out right in front of a security camera. As the armed robber tries to take control of the situation, he makes one big mistake, turning his back on an old, wise vaquero. This guy clearly does not want to deal with this robber's crap today.

Watch as he bravely springs into action, even after the robber pulls out a knife, to stop the crime!

This young robber brought a knife AND a gun into a fight and still lost! That should be a clue that crime does not pay. When that cowboy took off his glasses, you can almost hear him thinking: "It's go time!"

That cowboy perfectly timed his movement to disarm this robber and keep him occupied long enough to get the gun out of his hands. Kudos to that store employee for stepping in and removing the firearm from the equation. It looks like the cowboy still took a few jabs from the robber's knife, but it still did not seem to slow him down any. There was no way this robber was getting away!

We think it is safe to say that this robbery did not go down the way the guy envisioned it in his head. We can only hope he is still doing a stint in jail or prison. In a way, he was lucky this happened in Mexico and not New Mexico. Here in the United States, there are plenty of concealed carriers that would have stopped him cold.

We do not know the cowboy's name, but he's a hero in our books. Excellent job on taking this robber down and making your neighborhood a little safer sir!

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Old Cowboy Takes Down Armed Robber With His Bare Hands