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Oklahoma's Tenkiller Dam Flood Water Release is Spectacular

Tulsa District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Facebook

Ever wonder what 13,000 cubic feet per second of flood water looks like?

Like much of the Midwest, Oklahoma is dealing with incredible amounts of rain, which has led to swollen rivers and impoundments, including Tenkiller Lake, stopped by Tenkiller Dam.

In an effort to mitigate the damage the flood waters might do, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers decided to open a flood gate out of Tenkiller Dam, unleashing a torrent on a scale most of us can barely fathom. Watch the video below and be sure to notice the scale crew overlooking the release.

The sheer power of the flood water is difficult to comprehend. Maybe even more incredible is how the trout in that tailwater endure heavy flows like this. You couldn't even hope to fish it at this stage, yet those fish go on living their lives despite the torrent around them.

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Oklahoma's Tenkiller Dam Flood Water Release is Spectacular