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Oklahoma Teenage Girl Nails Incredible 16-Point Buck

It doesn’t matter how much of an expert you might be, you have to be impressed with this amazing young lady and her buck.

Her father was excited beyond control this weekend, but 14-year-old Micalah Millard of Skiatook is the one likely destined for the record books with one of Oklahoma’s top five big bucks of all time.

The pair hunted Oklahoma’s youth deer season this weekend, and got in close to kill a monster buck with antlers that green-scored 187 ⅛ inches. The long-tined, 16-point buck sported a 12-point mainframe rack with a 24-inch inside spread and relatively few imperfections.

Whitetail antlers are scored to the nearest eighth of an inch with measurements that consider width, girth, length, and assess penalties for irregularities in the “typical” antler category that rewards standard main beams and tines. “Non-typical” antlers post much higher totals with points measured in all kinds of configurations.


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Oklahoma Teenage Girl Nails Incredible 16-Point Buck