Oklahoma Poacher Busted After Leaving Big Buck Carcass to Rot

A poacher left the carcass of this buck to rot.

Poaching incidents are on the uptick with hunting seasons officially here. O ne poacher is now potentially facing $3,000 in fines and court costs after allegedly shooting a buck and leaving the carcass to rot.

The Oklahoma game wardens shared the incident in a Facebook post. It happened in Nowata County on Oct. 15 where a poacher trespassed on private land and shot a buck before cutting off the head and leaving the rest.

Facebook/Oklahoma Game Wardens

The buck’s carcass was found two days later by a hunter who called the game wardens to report the incident. Warden David Clay investigated and found the arrow used to kill the buck. This helped lead him to an unnamed suspect.

Broadheads and arrows belonging to the poaching suspect matched the arrow found at the poaching scene. The suspect later confessed to the crime.

Facebook/Oklahoma Game Wardens

Now, the poacher is facing charges of wanton waste, hunting without landowner consent and illegal possession of wildlife. Because the buck is considered trophy status, it could mean up to $3,000 in restitution and court costs.

The poacher also had his bow and arrows confiscated, which will be used as evidence in the case.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first deer-poaching case this year and we doubt it will be the last either. Remember to report all wildlife violations to your local wildlife agencies.


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