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Oklahoma Man Catches One of the Biggest Crappie the State’s Ever Seen

Facebook/Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC)

An Oklahoma man catches two giant crappie and sets a new lake record.

Michael Lawson caught not one but two gigantic crappie recently while fishing Durant Lake in southeastern Oklahoma. The biggest fish weighed in at 4.22 pounds and set the new lake record.

Oklahoma Crappie 1
Facebook/Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC)

The fish missed the state record by a little over 12 ounces.

The smaller fish in the photo weighed in at 3.08 pounds. Two fish of a lifetime in one afternoon!

I grew up in Oklahoma so I know firsthand the kind of fish that inhabit the state’s waters. One of my earliest memories of a big fish was born on the banks of a small farm pond outside of Weatherford. My brother was working as a ranch hand for the summer and the owner let him fish his ponds as an included benefit to his employment.

I came up to visit for the weekend and my brother was kind enough to let me tag along. We fished from a small two-man pontoon boat one hot July afternoon. Soon my brother’s line went tight and he pulled back on what we both knew to be something big.

A dark back rolled along the surface and took my breath away. When my brother finally reeled the fish in, we sat in awe staring at the biggest crappie we had ever seen. The dark lines and silver belly of that fish still make me smile.

At the time, we weren’t that experienced with crappie. We knew it was big but it was only the third cast and we didn’t want to stop fishing. We put the fish back and fished all day. Later we realized how special that fish truly was.

To this day, I honestly think that fish weighed over 4 pounds. Sadly, we’ll never know. Perhaps it’s best. Fishing stories are often broken by scales.



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Oklahoma Man Catches One of the Biggest Crappie the State’s Ever Seen