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Oklahoma Gun Range Gets Liquor License Approval

A gun range gets liquor license, and eyebrows are raised.

Before you get too up in arms, the Wilshire Gun Range in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma won't be allowing folks to drink alcohol and then shoot, according to the city's FOX affiliate.

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City council members voted 6-3 to permit the liquor license, as Wilshire Gun eyes an official opening in the coming months.

Now the range will need the state's Alcohol Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission (ABLE) approval. A gun range that also serves alcohol would be the first of its kind in the state.

The 40,000-square-foot facility will be a go-to spot for not just shooting, but socializing, shopping, eating and drinking.

Alcohol is allowed to be served at gun ranges in other American states, from California to Texas, and little to no problems have been reported. The trick is ensuring patrons shoot, then drink, and never reverse the order.

The range's alcohol policy was posted to their Facebook page, and they believe it is a bulletproof strategy.

They stand by the statement made in the post, claiming that the standards of procedure and more adaptive measures will make Wilshire Gun "one of the safest facilities serving alcohol in Oklahoma City."

The staff will reportedly be trained in field sobriety and use a security camera system to monitor customers. Once a drink is order, a driver's license is scanned and they won't be allowed back into the shooting area.


Featured image via Facebook

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Oklahoma Gun Range Gets Liquor License Approval