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Oklahoma Cherokee Tribes Now Able to Hunt and Fish for Free


After signing an agreement with the Cherokee Nation, Governor Mary Fallin helped give Cherokee Indians a rare privilege. 

The Cherokee Nation now has the right to hunt and fish for free in the state of Oklahoma thanks to an agreement singed in by Governor Mary Fallin. Cherokee tribes will be able to hunt and fish in all 77 counties in Oklahoma.

Unlike any other measure in the U.S., this will allow Cherokee tribe members 17 and older to hunt and fish in the Native State. This amounts to approximately 150,000 people.

Special hunting and fishing licenses will be issued to Cherokee citizens starting January 1. Those participating must comply with all state wildlife regulations, like bag limits and season dates.

Bill John Baker, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, told reporters; “This is a great day in the Cherokee Nation where we get to exercise our sovereignty to partner with the state of Oklahoma, so not only each and every one of our citizens can hunt and fish in the 14 counties, but they can trophy fish at Beavers Bend. They can go out and take the turkeys in western Oklahoma.”

The Cherokee Tribe will give $2 for each license to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. The price has been set at $2 in order to count them in the formula for receiving federal matching funds.

This has been a long time coming according to the Cherokee Nation. This compromise with Oklahoma is better than battling those issues in court, tribal officials told reporters.

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Oklahoma Cherokee Tribes Now Able to Hunt and Fish for Free