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Oil Spill Releases Hundreds of Gallons in Yellowstone River


The recent Yellowstone River oil spill is currently under investigation as crude oil was released near Glendive, Montana. 

Last week, crews cleaned up a Yellowstone River oil spill that was released from the Poplar Pipeline near Glendive, Montana.

Bridger Pipeline LLC tried to determine what caused the spill which began to release crude oil as early as Saturday morning.

The pipeline was shut down completely one hour after the oil spill began, and Bridger estimates that anywhere from 300-1,200 gallons of oil were released from the pipeline.

Spokesman Bill Salvin told reporters that the Poplar pipeline, which moves crude from Bakken basin to nearby hubs, was last inspected in 2012 and is at least eight feet below the Yellowstone River bed, where it crosses the river near Glendive.

Although it is unclear exactly how much oil got into the Yellowstone River, crude oil was found 15 and 25 miles down stream from Glendive. Bridger is testing the water around the oil spill area for contamination.

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Oil Spill Releases Hundreds of Gallons in Yellowstone River