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Ohio’s Wayne National Forest in Danger of Being Fracked

Food and Water Watch

Wayne National Forest in Ohio may become the next fracking site.

The Federal Government has plans to lease 1,600 acres of gas and oil rights in the park lands.


With this breaking news story now out, the Federal Government plans an online auction on December 13, 2016. A 30-day window is available to voice any opposition to this plan.

Ohio’s only National Forest stretches out 240,000 acres in southeastern Ohio. It gives sportsmen and women places to run after their favorite game, hikers miles of trails, and any nature lover an eyeful of extreme beauty that is frozen in time. This is indeed Heaven on Earth for many outdoors lovers.

U.S. Forest Service

Wayne National Forest is also critical habitat for native Ohio plants and wildlife. Animals have a safe haven there where urban sprawl will never endanger their home lands. Until now, that is.

While 1,600 acres out of 240,000 acres to some might seem like a small drop in the bucket, it is a toe hold for oil and gas companies to expand further into Wayne National Forest. When money is flowing and the red tape has been cut, nowhere will be safe from oil and gas exploration.

Why is fracking so dangerous, anyway? The fracking wells will not be dropped into the forest by air. A myriad of surface roads will be needed to service these wells. This, in turn, cuts habitat in half. Unsightly fracking roads all over our beautiful Wayne National Forest would be a travesty.

Penn Political Review

Fracking itself injects a chemical cocktail deep into the ground to free up trapped gas. These chemicals are well known to travel along underground and into water aquifers. Earthquakes caused by fracking have been scientifically proven. That is quite unsettling.

Are you against fracking at Wayne National Forest? Now is your time to speak up quickly. Sign the petition and be heard.


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Ohio’s Wayne National Forest in Danger of Being Fracked