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Ohio’s 2015 Trout Stocking Dates Are In [PICS]


The Ohio Division of Wildlife has released the trout stocking dates for 2015 and it looks like spring will provide some great trout fishing. 

The dates are in for the 2015 spring trout stocking for popular Ohio fishing areas. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources published the dates of trout stocking for specific areas and bodies of water on their official website. More than 98,000 trout will be released at 63 Ohio public lakes and ponds between March 13-May 16.

Trout are a popular sport fishing species, also known as rainbow trout or steelhead trout, and great table fare. The name “steelhead”  is due to their deep, dark colors when they run the rivers spawning. Especially along Lake Erie, the tributaries that empty into Lake Erie become traveling corridors for spawning trout. This is also the perfect place for the shore angler to try their luck or at the state-stocked lakes and ponds.

Southern Trout

Fish hatcheries under the guidance of the ODNR release trout to help stabilize the trout population and to provide fishermen with more chances at catching these stunning fish. Sea lampreys have been a major parasitic predator to trout for the last decade, and stocking also helps to offset those fish lost to predators. Stocked fish raised in hatcheries are generally 10-13 inches long.

Hook onto one of these mature river monsters this spring and you will be in for a fight you will not soon forget. Hats off to the Ohio Division of Natural Resources for the excellent job they have done with this natural renewable resource.


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Ohio’s 2015 Trout Stocking Dates Are In [PICS]