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Ohio Wildlife Workers Accused of Deer Hunting On Duty

The Ohio Inspector General is investigating 18 Ohio Department of Natural Resources employees for deer hunting while on duty.

If charged, the employees could face criminal charges.

The accused employees were discovered during a state-wide investigation of the ODNR that began in 2012 when the state inspector general’s office received a photo that depicted two wildlife officers posing in uniform with their deer harvests.

The two employees were convicted of hunting while on duty, and the inspector general launched the state-wide investigation to determine if it was an isolated incident.

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The investigation looked at time records of 490 ODNR employees that had reported a deer kill from 2009-10, and focused on time cards recorded when employees reported deer harvests.

Investigators determined that 26 employees had likely hunted deer on days when they were on duty. Of the 26, 18 had time cards that either claimed work hours while deer hunting on duty, or claimed time for work while deer hunting off duty. The remaining eight had missing time records.

The ODNR has stated that one of the accused employees has since retired, while the other 17 have been placed on administrative leave.

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Ohio Wildlife Workers Accused of Deer Hunting On Duty