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Ohio Turtle Season: Turtle Trapping Basics [VIDEO]

Learn more about Ohio turtle season by watching the video below.

Turtle season in Ohio runs from July 1 through April 30, and both snapping turtles and softshell turtles may be harvested. All that is required is an Ohio fishing license, a trap, and some bait.

Check out this video from  for more.

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Turtle season is often overlooked by many anglers and hunters. However, it is a great chance to try something new and learn a new outdoor skill during a time of year when many hunters and anglers are anxiously awaiting fall hunting season.

So get out there and experience everything that the great outdoor resources of Ohio has to offer and become a turtle trapper.

What are your favorite ways to prepare turtle for the table? Share your recipes in the comments section below.

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Ohio Turtle Season: Turtle Trapping Basics [VIDEO]