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Ohio Turkey Hunters Bag Over 8,000 in First Week of Season

Early spring was full of early success for Ohio turkey hunters.

Judging by reports from the Morrow County Sentinel, hunters from Ohio tallied 8,074 wild turkeys in the initial week of the 2014 spring season.

A total of 2,455 came on opening day alone, and the leading counties for turkey harvests were Guernsey (256), Ashtabula (253), Tuscarawas (244), Coshocton (231) and Belmont (228). You can add 1,480 to the total if you take into account the turkeys bagged during the two-day youth season.

Turkey Call Tested in the Ohio Woods

Turkey Call Tested in the Ohio WoodsTurkey Call Review: Flextone Magnum Strutter Box Call

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Successful turkey hunters in Ohio are required to report all harvests through the automated game-check system, using online, telephone or in-person options. The Ohio turkey season continues until May 18, 2014.

Prior to the season, Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources commented on the good spring weather that occurred during the previous two seasons, which contributed to the larger-than-normal number of jakes and two-year old toms living in the state’s hunting areas.

Last year saw 18,391 turkeys checked, and a total of 17,657 in 2012.

Were you one of those 8,074 to bag a turkey in the first week of Ohio’s spring season? Share the measurements below!

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Ohio Turkey Hunters Bag Over 8,000 in First Week of Season