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Ohio Town Holds Community Forum Over Deer Culling Options

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What dictates the right time to put a deer culling program into motion?  This is the question that another Ohio town is divided on.

In Ottawa Hills, Ohio, Village Councilman Corey Hupp is trying to encourage the community that put a controlled deer hunt into motion is best for both the community and the deer. Hupp believes that there are too many deer in the area and that "they're emaciated and they're venturing out to find food that's not in their natural habitat,".

Though Hupp's argument is convincing, not everyone in town is on board.

As the community voices their opinions on whether having a deer hunt within the boundaries of the town is a safe and ethical thing to do, Corey Hupp is trying to assure residents on his plans to facilitate a safe and effective program.

He makes an excellent point, saying, "We [humans] as the dominant species have to do what's best for not only the deer, but also the population." This kind of attitude is key in conservation programs around the country, so it makes absolute sense that it would be applied to a problem that is intensifying such as this.

Hupp mentioned that all hunters would have to pass proficiency tests prior to being allowed to hunt in the town, and that the usage of bait would be allowed in order to bring deer into less populated areas.


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Ohio Town Holds Community Forum Over Deer Culling Options