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Ohio Suburbs Need the State’s Help with Deer Population [VIDEO]

Accidents involving vehicles and deer are up 500% in the past 10 years. It looks like it’s time for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to take action.

Tons of deer might sound like paradise.

I wouldn’t hate to have a booming population where I hunt. However, for seven cities in northeast Ohio, it’s actually a big problem. They have reached out to the state to help get the deer population under control.


As the deer herd continues to grow, the animals are becoming less and less afraid of humans. They wreak havoc on people’s yards, and the danger has now expanded to the streets. Even police cruisers have been involved in accidents with deer.

This should fall into the wheelhouse of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, right? Maybe not.

According to mayor of North Royalton, Robert Stefanik, the state has done just the opposite. It has not offered to help at all.

More meetings are scheduled for later in 2015, and Stefanik hopes to put the issue to a vote next year.

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Ohio Suburbs Need the State’s Help with Deer Population [VIDEO]