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Ohio School District Arms Teachers

One Ohio School District has chosen to be proactive in response to active shooter incidents. 

In Pedro, Ohio, Rock Hill School’s superintendent, Wes Hairston, recently made a difficult decision. After hearing about threats to Ironton and Greenup schools, he decided that Rock Hill could stop an incident from occurring by preparing their teachers to respond to active shooter incidents with firearm training, according to

A number of teachers from the school have attended the firearm training provided by the Buckeye Firearms Association and Tactical Defense Institute in Ohio. Should the need arise, these specially trained teachers will have instant access to guns and ammunition. The teachers must meet and maintain certain qualifications before they can attend the training and then continue to be certified.

Superintendent Hairston says:

“Not everything is going to be liked and not everything is going to be popular and I’m OK with that, I can accept it. What I’ll never accept is putting our children or staff in harm’s way by sticking my head in the sand and saying it’s not going to happen to us. I could care less about public opinion. I will, to the best of my ability, protect our 1,500 kids any way I can.”

“This is about protecting the students and employees of our school. I know some of you may not like it, but I hope you respect my decision.”

In this age there is one simple reality we must face. There are people in this world that want to do harm to others. No matter how much we try to deny it, there are still bad people wanting to do bad things. Ignoring that fact is what leads to active shooter incidents all around the country.

This IS about protecting our children. We entrust our kids to the school systems everyday to educate them and prepare them for life. We also expect them to protect their lives, and in my opinion, what the Ohio school district is doing is a fantastic step towards maintaining that safety.

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Do you think teachers should be armed or is there something else you think should be done? Share your thoughts with us below.

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Ohio School District Arms Teachers