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Ohio Restaurant Serving Fresh Lake Erie Walleye [VIDEO]

Watch a chef prepare some delicious Lake Erie walleye.

Chef Flagg of the Rivage Alantique restaurant in Worthington, Ohio prepares fresh Lake Erie walleye in this video uploaded by .

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Chef Flagg moved to Columbus, Ohio from South Carolina and brings over 15 years of success in the restaurant industry to the Buckeye State. His favorite things to cook are anything that he can catch or hunt himself. His expertise in the kitchen shines through as he transforms a whole Lake Erie walleye into a delicious dish in this video.

The chefs at Rivage Alantique pride themselves on their fresh food which they only get directly from the suppliers to make sure they are a couple days fresher than the competition. The Lake Erie walleye is trucked overnight from Cleveland making it taste like you just landed it yourself while fishing.

Have you ever been to a restaurant that serves wild game or wild caught fish? What did you order and how was it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Ohio Restaurant Serving Fresh Lake Erie Walleye [VIDEO]