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These 5 Jumbo Fish Are Ohio Record Catches

The fish that make up Ohio record catches are in a class of their own.


Many anglers dream of catching a new state record fish. Few actually achieve that goal.

What’s funny is that it seems more often than not, the records were caught by virtue of a day’s final catch, a species that wasn’t even targeted or a fluke, for lack of a better term.

Here are five anglers who managed to land record breaking fish out of Ohio waters.

View the slideshow to see how big these Ohio record catches really are, and leave a comment with your favorite.

Largemouth Bass, 13.13 lbs., farm pond

Photo via flwoutdoors

The state record Ohio largemouth bass was a 13-pound behemoth caught in 1976 by Roy Landsberger. The fact that the record has stood for so long despite the popularity of bass fishing is truly a testament to just how impressive this record is. Landsberger was fishing in a small, spring-fed farm pond after a day of hard work on a tree farm in Kensington, Ohio.

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Fishing access on the farm’s ponds was one of the perks of his job. One evening, Landsberger went fishing on his own. He was working a yellow and black jitterbug along some shallow water near a deep water drop off. After not getting much action, Landsberger decided to retrieve his lure and make one final cast. Before he could pull the lure from the water, it was inhaled by the fish that would go down in the record books. For the full story of this incredible catch, click here.

Brown Trout, 14.67 lbs., Lake Erie

Photo via ohiofishingsource

Ohio saw its state brown trout record broken on July 14, 2012 when Robert Campbell of Dunbar, PA hauled the fish in from 68 feet of water in Lake Erie. The fish was caught on one of the final casts of the day.

Campbell was fishing with his two brothers on a boat owned by DB Charters and the men had just limited out on walleye. As they were pulling in the rods, the record trout hit a trolling spoon on the very last rod they had to bring in. It wound up narrowly beating the previous record trout but still stands as the biggest brown trout on record in Ohio. For the full story, click here.

Buffalo Sucker, 40.8 lbs., Lake Erie

Photo via portclintonnewsherald

Rod and reel is not the only way to land a state record fish. Just ask Brent McGlone of Marysville, Ohio. He landed the state record buffalo sucker out of Lake Erie near Ottawa County while bowfishing. The previous record stood for 30 years before McGlone arrowed his buffalo on October 11, 2013. For more on this story, go here.

Steelhead Trout, 21.3 lbs., Lake Erie

Photo via

The Ohio state record steelhead trout was caught by Jason Brooks of Tallmadge, Ohio on June 25, 2010. Brooks managed to keep the giant fish on the line through three massive leaps out of the water and ten minutes of head-thrashing and fighting.

He was out on the water with his fishing buddy and they both knew they might have a new record on their hands once they managed to net the fish. The trout was caught while the two anglers were trolling with spoons. For more on this great story, click here.

Common Carp, 53.65 lbs., Lake Erie

Photo via Outdoor Channel

Lake Erie certainly produces a lot of state record fish and the record for common carp is no different.

This fish was taken by bowfisherman Patrick Johnson of Toledo, OH. He arrowed the huge fish on June 9, 2013. Johnson was with his friend Brent McGlone (holder of two Ohio state records) who knew his friend had the record as soon as they boated the carp. Johnson is hoping that his record stands for a long time. For more on this story click here.

For a complete list of all Ohio state record fish, go to the Outdoor Writers of Ohio website.

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These 5 Jumbo Fish Are Ohio Record Catches