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Ohio Police Department Gun Raffle Raises Eyebrows and Stirs Controversy

Facebook, Campbell Police K-9 Fundraiser

Ohio police department raises funds through firearm raffle.

The Campbell, Ohio’s K-9 unit needs a new K-9 dog, and police dogs simply aren’t cheap. So the department is taking a somewhat unusual step: hosting a gun auction to raise the $15,000 needed for a new dog.

Hear Campbell’s human K-9 officer, Eric Manning talk about the auction that’s gotten a lot of interest, and also raised a few eyebrows, in the video below.

“One of the main complaints that I’m hearing is, ‘You’re a police department. Your job is to get guns off the street,” Manning told WKBN. “At the Campbell Police Department, we believe in the Second Amendment. We believe in people’s right to bear arms. We believe in law-abiding citizens’ right to own guns. We also believe in Ohio’s concealed carry laws.”

While not everyone may be pleased with the department’s decision, there is no denying it looks like it will get results. Unfortunately, federal laws mean only Ohio residents are eligible to participate.

If you’re wondering why the dog costs so much, it probably has something to do with the intense training K-9 dogs receive.

Facebook, Campbell Police K-9 Fundraiser

The unit’s current K-9 dog, a Belgian Malinois named Storm, has been a busy member of the department over the last six years, but due to a car accident in July, Storm is destined to a somewhat lighter workload than before.

“He’s had hundreds of drug-related arrests through narcotic detection, traffic stops, building searches,” Manning said. “He’s also had apprehensions with violent felons, fleeing suspects, the things people see on TV, that’s what he does.”

Sounds like he’s earned a semi-retirement. Ohio residents who might be interested in helping the department out while getting a chance at some prizes should check out the K-9’s Facebook page for more information. The drawing is December 4, so you still have time to get a ticket.


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Ohio Police Department Gun Raffle Raises Eyebrows and Stirs Controversy