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Ohio Man Hauls in State Record Wiper [PICS]

Columbus Dispatch

This Ohio state record wiper was actually caught while fishing for catfish!

Richard A. Knisley was fishing off the bank of Deer Lake, using chunks of cut up shad, aiming to set the hook into some nice big catfish, when a giant wiper took his bait. When the fight began at 3 a.m., Knisley wasn't exactly sure what he had hooked into. He knew right away it was big, but a wiper wasn't even on his mind.

"When I got him close to the net, I couldn't tell what he was," Knisley said. "He turned sideways, and I thought, 'Look at the girth on this thing.'"

After getting the giant fish to shore, he had to wait until morning to get it certified. Several hours later it was confirmed at 31.75 inches and 18.32 pounds. This official weight beat out the old state record wiper, standing since 2001, at 17.68 pounds.

A wiper is actually considered a cross between a white bass and a striped bass. Even though Ohio has never stocked wipers in Deer lake, officials think they may have entered the lake from a private body of water that flows into it upstream.

While fishing for catfish on the night of catching his giant wiper, Knisley didn't actually catch any other fish. Not to mention the amount of luck involved in catching any state record fish.

"That," said Knisley, "is the first wiper I can remember I ever caught."

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Ohio Man Hauls in State Record Wiper [PICS]