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Ohio Bowhunter Bags Incredibly Rare Piebald Buck

This rare piebald buck killed in Ohio is one of the most remarkable harvests we've seen this season.  

Bowhunter James Hottle hunted the piebald buck on his 30-acre property in St. Louisville on Oct. 26. Piebald deer are incredibly rare, as most don't survive to adulthood. They're even rarer than albino deer.

Hottle brought the deer to North Fork Deer Processing. Owner Jerry said he's processed countless deer and probably won't see another piebald buck in the near future.

"This is like the deer hunters (Ark of the Covenant)" Corbin told the Newark Advocate. "Everyone wants a big buck, but a piebald is like the holy grail."

piebald deer
Jessica Phelps/The Advocate

Corbin also called the harvest is a "once-in-a-lifetime deer."

Hottle plans to have the rare animal mounted and will enjoy the 45 pounds of meat he gained from the harvest.

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Ohio Bowhunter Bags Incredibly Rare Piebald Buck