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Ohio Deer Hunting Threatened by Chronic Wasting Disease [VIDEO]

Chronic Wasting Disease threatens more than just deer.

Chronic Wasting Disease, a neurological disease that affects deer and elk by producing small brain lesions in infected animals, is spreading from Pennsylvania to Ohio. Holmes County-based hunting preserve World Class Whitetails has trophy deer, but a huge disease problem that threatens the preserve’s entire herd.

Officials’ greatest fear is that the disease will spread outside this private ranch and into the wild population. Not only would this hurt Ohio’s wild-deer population, but it could damage Ohio’s economy. Hunting of whitetail deer is a big part of the state’s local economy.

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This disease could be most devastating to the owner of the ranch, who could end up losing everything he’s worked to establish.

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Ohio Deer Hunting Threatened by Chronic Wasting Disease [VIDEO]