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Ohio Concealed Carrier Stops Armed Robbery [VIDEO]

13ABC Action News

Deciding to be a concealed carrier is just like deciding to carry insurance; you get it with the hope of never having to use it.

One Toledo Ohio man is alive and well today thanks to that proactive investment.

Terrence Reid is a welder and was just getting home from a shift around 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning. A car driven by Antonio Hadley cruised down the street past him. Once Reid was in his yard, he reports that Hadley ran up to him, pulled a handgun and yelled, “Don’t move!”

Reid’s mother and grandfather tell the story in the clip below.

The shooter is expected to survive and there’s not word yet if he owned his firearm legally. Anyone want to bet he was an illegal possessor? Real life scenarios like this confound anti-gunners, and for good reason. It’s a perfect example of a law abiding citizen equipping himself to preserve his rights and property against someone who pays no heed to the law.

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Ohio Concealed Carrier Stops Armed Robbery [VIDEO]